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Watch video of how logs are cut

Posted 2016

Quarter sawn and rift sawn lumber are extremely popular cuts of wood these days, such as the rift sawn Oak shown in these photos. The photo on the left runs the grain vertically and is stained with a dark stain. The photo on the right runs the grain horizontally and is finished with a clear finish to enhance the natural look of the wood. Both are equally beautiful.

Photo of modern kitchen cabinets Photo of modern kitchen cabinets

To see how logs are cut from the tree that results in the distinctive quarter or rift sawn wood grain pattern, click here to connect to a short video by Frank Miller Lumber.

Elements of a contemporary kitchen

Posted 2016

Contemporary styling can mean different things to different people. It includes streamlined elements but doesn't mean boring or without detail. Quite the contrary, the success of a contemporary design is all in the details of proportion, balance, color choice, ... and must all work together to result in a successful design.

Photo of modern kitchen cabinets

In this kitchen the striking contemporary styling is achieved through

  • clean and simple lines
  • large blocks of elements
  • horizontal lines
  • horizontal grain direction in the wood cabinets
  • a balance between contrasting materials, such as the lighter colored gloss acrylic upper cabinets and the dark wood base cabinets
  • the choice of simple, unobtrusive cabinet pulls that don't over power the cabinets

Modern kitchen in 'Boulder County Homes and Garden'

Posted 2016

Photo of modern kitchen cabinets

The article "Cultural Crossroads" in the June 2016 issue of Boulder County Home and Garden magazine highlights a whole house remodel for which we built the modern kitchen cabinets. Shown in this photo is the island and the floating wall shelves with base cabinet below.

The home was designed by local architect, Kristin Reisinger, of Space Craft. Click here to read the article.

New selection of matte acrylics now available

Posted 2016

In addition to the high gloss acrylic materials we've been using for a few years now - as shown in the red hot kitchen photo below - we now have matte acrylic available. It's a great material for cabinets and in contrast to the high sheen of high gloss acrylic, the matte acrylic has a silky smooth, more subtle appearance to it.

Matte acrylic comes in numerous colors and works great in a modern, contemporary setting.

Acrylic - matte or gloss - doesn't have to be limited to just contemporary interiors, it can also work great in a more transitional or traditional setting as an accent.

High gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets make bold statement in fire house kitchen

Posted 2015

Photo of high gloss red acrylic kitchen cabinets

For the break room kitchen of a fire house we built the kitchen cabinets of a high gloss acrylic panel material.

High gloss comes in numerous colors and works great in a modern, contemporary setting. Although this entire kitchen is high gloss, many times one wall will be high gloss cabinets with wood cabinets in the rest of the room. That creates some great contrast and warmth as well.

Gloss doesn't have to be limited to just contemporary interiors, it can also work great in a more transitional or traditional setting as an accent.

Tip: Gloss materials, whether they are acrylic, laminate, or painted are best suited for vertical surfaces only, not horizontal surfaces.

Designer, contractor, and cabinet maker team up for successful kitchen remodel

Posted 2015

Photo of Kitchen Before Cabinet Replacement Photo of Kitchen After Cabinet Replacement

A client came to see us wanting new cabinets to update their 22-year old kitchen cabinets that we originally built for them. They mentioned they wanted to rearrange the space, add venting that didn't exist, add lighting in new areas, purchase all new appliances, choose new paint colors, and break through a bearing wall to create an additional room. We suggested they hire a designer or architect and a general contractor because the scope became more than just swapping out old cabinets for new cabinets.

A general contractor would be needed to manage the construction process, permitting, structural, mechanical, and electrical issues. A designer or architect would design the space to meet the homeowner's wants and needs, work with them to choose the counter tops, lighting, appliances and paint colors, and coordinate the design of the new space with the surrounding rooms. And we would work with the designer and contractor on the cabinetry design, selection, and installation.

Our client was skeptical at first but after talking with a few contractors and designers did end up hiring both professionals. They were very pleased they did, as they were able to incorporate all their design wishes into a space that works so much better for them then their previous space. And with a solid plan in hand, the contractor performed a seamless construction process without delays or unexpected costs. Happy with the outcome, the homeowner has expressed their appreciation to us for making the suggestion.

When you're thinking about making changes to your home or professional work space consider the benefits of working with a designer or architect and a contractor. There may be more underlying issues that need to be addressed and these professionals can address those upfront to design a space that will optimally work for you.

Good use of space above refrigerator

Posted 2015

Photo of glass display cabinet above tall storage cabinets

In this kitchen we built glass kitchen cabinets with interior lighting above the refrigerator that creates a nice place to display art and fine china. This space can sometimes be a little difficult to reach and often becomes a seldom used secondary storage area. With lighted glass cabinets, this space becomes a primary, eye-catching space that lights up the kitchen.

This home is featured in the June/July 2014 issue of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. See more photos of the home in the article titled "Contemporary Comforts" at Colorado Homes and Lifestyles.

Boulder loft transformed from beige-on-beige to colorful "Jewel Box"

Posted 2014

We recently completed work for the owner of a Boulder loft that is showcased in the Spring 2014 issue of Luxe Interiors Colorado. The architect transformed the space from all beige to a striking palette of purple hues with contrasting colors that add interest and softness to the space. Our contribution to the space includes the textured metal living room fireplace wall panels, the ultra feminine master bedroom headboard/shoe closet and the sliding wood/glass door all shown below, as well as a built-in upholstered dining room banquette, bathroom cabinetry, and a multi-functional guest bedroom Murphy bed and shelving built-in.

Photo of wall paneling by BKI Woodworks Photo of custom bed with integrating shoe storage by BKI Woodworks Photo of wood and glass sliding door

BKI Woodworks wins 1st place award and honorable mention

Posted 2014

Photo of book matched wood kitchen cabinets

We are pleased to have received two awards in a national custom woodworkers contest. We were awarded 1st Place in the counter top category and an honorable mention in the kitchen cabinet category.

The kitchen shown here received the honorable mention. For this kitchen we book matched the wood throughout the kitchen which created this extraordinary room. Book matching is the technique of laying up wood veneer as if you're opening the pages of a book. Veneers are sliced from the best parts of the tree and book matching highlights the figuring of the wood superbly. You can read more about matching veneers at Veneer Matching.

Our 1st Place winning entry in the counter top category was for solid surface counter tops we fabricated for a new net-zero home in Boulder County. We fabricated tops for the kitchen, master bath and powder room using old-fashioned hand work. As you can see, there were some bright colors and interesting curves and angles.

Photo of BKI Woodworks' bright green solid surface countertop photo Photo of bright blue solid surface bench by BKI Woodworks Photo of bright blue solid surface counter top by BKI Woodworks Photo of white solid surface bench by BKI Woodworks

The beauty of a custom stain

Posted 2013

Photo of kitchen cabinets by BKI Woodworks of rift sawn oak with a clear finish Photo of kitchen cabinets by BKI Woodworks of rift sawn oak with a medium finish Photo of kitchen cabinets by BKI Woodworks of rift sawn oak with a dark finish

Many times our clients want to combine different woods in the same room. Sometimes they want to combine different woods and colors in the same room. And many times they want a particular color that you won't find at standard cabinet retail stores. To achieve their desired look we will suggest a custom stain color.

As shown in these photos of kitchen cabinets we built for our clients the same wood species has been finished in a clear finish and a medium and dark stain. The finished cabinetry works great alone as the main feature in the room, combined with stronger-grained woods, and with painted cabinets.

We expanded our selection of high gloss acrylics

Posted 2013

We've expanded our selection of high gloss acrylics.

High gloss acrylics are a great choice for contemporary interiors, to add a contrasting material to a more traditional space or to add a color accent to a space.

New selection of textured melamine

Posted 2013

We have a new selection of textured melamine available.

Textured melamine is a modern and contemporary choice for areas such as, closets and laundry rooms where plastic laminate or standard melamine is often used.

It's a good price conscious alternative material and a visual upgrade.

Our selection includes numerous textured wood grains.

BKI Woodworks' cabinetry in 'Colorado Homes & Lifestyle'

Posted 2013

Photo of cover of Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Magazine June2013 Issue

The June/July 2013 issue of 'Colorado Homes & Lifestyle' features an article about a modern Boulder home (shown on the cover) for which we built the cabinetry and woodwork. In the article you can see the following specific items that we built:

  • gloss white lacquer kitchen cabinets
  • dark-stained rift sawn oak and stainless steel island with an integrated bamboo table
  • wood fireplace hearth
  • bar cabinetry
  • solid aluminum/aluminum laminate dining table (shown in the magazine cover photo)

The article title is “The ARTFull Home”. If you'd like to read it, click Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and go to page 73. And we’d like to thank architectural design firm, Arch 11, of Boulder for getting their article published.