Veneer Matching Specialists

Display the natural beauty of wood by book matching wood veneers.

We book matched the veneer for this striking kitchen. Notice how the natural wood grain continues from cabinet to cabinet.

Kitchen photo featuring contemporary white cabinets

Experience the elegance of matched wood veneer

When your project calls for book matched, slip matched, or architectural sequenced veneers, call us, we've been veneering for years and have the expertise and experience to meet your specifications.

Veneer matching dates back to ancient Egypt

Veneer matching is an artful woodworking technique of precisely aligning the wood grain across multiple leaves of wood to create an impressive visual affect. It dates back to ancient Egypt and has been used in fine cabinetry and furniture making for hundreds of years. Book matching is the most popular matching technique but there are different types of matching that create different looks.

The exceptional qualities of wood veneer – debunking the myth

  • Myth: The myth is that wood veneer is poor quality wood.

  • Truth: The truth is that the best logs from the most beautiful trees are selected for veneers.
    • Veneers provide exceptional stability benefits over solid wood.
    • Production of veneer yields more usable wood from a single tree, so fewer trees are consumed.
    • Veneers are an eco-friendly, green choice.

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Client reviews of BKI Woodworks

Veneer matching makes a room a feature. Here's some comments from our clients where we veneer matched their cabinets.

“Being artists, we were very particular. Thank you for your help in building us our dream kitchen.”

— Jacquelyn (Homeowner)

“We chose BKI Woodworks because of the option to choose custom veneers.

— Doug (Homeowner)

“All the cabinet work is so beautiful - the kitchen takes people's breath away and the veneer selection is so refined. Thank you so much.”

— Leslie (Homeowner)

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